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Trao đổi kinh nghiệm và hỏi đáp mọi thắc mắc khi học tiếng Anh cũng như khi luyện thi IELTS/TOEIC với cộng đồng học viên và đội ngũ trợ giảng của STUDY4.


Find X (UChicago)

Đề bài: Find X Inspired by Benjamin Nuzzo, an admitted student from Eton College, UK   I was like Jack Sparrow, rolling the vintage piece of leather onto the table. The land gradually spread to its fullest, and though faded and wrinkled beneath a dark brown color, its beautiful rivers and mountains still captivated me with the ...


Accepted essay to Lafayette College

Common Application “Look! It’s Hung’s younger brother. He must be really good!” hollered a student as I was walking down the school hallway. Every time I walked down the same hallway, I would hear these types of comparisons. Everyone in my school seemed to know me as a result of my successful older brother. Always at the ...


7 unexpected tips for essay

[By [email protected]] This is one of the most useful advices I've ever read. They really help my writing, so keep them in mind. SEVEN GREAT AND UNEXPECTED TIPS ABOUT COLLEGE ENTRANCE ESSAYS 1. YOUR ESSAY IS NOT GRADED BY OLYMPIC JUDGES: College application essays are not graded like Olympics diving or gymnastics matches where you start with ...


Một số điều các em có thể thấy confused khi apply, From My Own Perspective ^^

[by [email protected]] Chào các em, Chị là Nguyệt Anh, University of Chicago Class of 2012. Năm vừa rồi chị có được accepted ở 1 số trường là: University of Chicago, Washington University in St Louis, Duke, Northwestern, Williams, Amherst, Bard, Bowdoin, Lafayette, Colgate, bị waitlisted ở Stanford. Bây h ...